K'nex Screamin' Serpent Roller Coaster

I own 2 Screamin' Serpent Coasters, and one Rippin' Rocket, the BEST coaster kits for the money. Use two or more sets to build awesome designs, get in on the latest hot toy, this is a wonderful toy for EVERYONE, addictive and loads of fun. I also recommend the deluxe motor kit. This is the kit that plugs into a wall outlet and may be used with many different K'nex kits.

With the K’NEX SCREAMIN’ SERPENT Roller Coaster set, you can build an awesome replica of today’s “steel-style” coaster, and then bring it to life! Assemble the coaster track complete with twists, turns, and loops, pop the six thrill-seeking kid figures into the serpent car, and turn on the motor! Watch the cars and listen to the ‘click … click … click” as they climb to the top of the lift, and then plunge screaming down the hill, then head back up for another thrill-packed ride. Over 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 ½ ft tall! It’s building fun for the whole family!

K'nex Screamin' Serpent Roller Coaster


  • ALSO BUILDS: SCREAMIN SERPENT jr. -- Model comes with a canopy and is 5 feet long. Perfect for smaller spaces!

  • Authentic Steel Coaster Design

  • Motorized Chain Lift Sound Module!

  • 1280 Pieces

  • 3 Rail-Huggin Cars!

  • 6 Figures!

  • Zero-G Loop!

  • Over 3ft High and 6ft Long!

  • 23 Feet of Track!

  • Color coded instructions!

  • Instructions for (2) builds: Screamin Serpent and Screamin Serpent Jr (5ft version)

  • Endorsed by ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) - the largest club of roller coaster enthusiasts

  • Batteries Required: 2AA (motor) and 3 AAA (sound module)

    K'nex makes top quality highly acclaimed building toy sets. The Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster won several awards including :


    Screamin' Serpent Roller Coaster:

    Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC)
    *** (Highest Rating)

    Child Magazine's Toy Test
    Best Toys of the Year (1st Place)

    Family Fun
    Top Ten Toys (2nd Place) "Best Activity Toys for ages 10-12"

    National Parenting Center
    Seal of Approval

    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
    Platinum Award (Highest Award)

    Parents Magazine
    "Hot Toys for Holiday 2001"


    The Votes Have Been Tallied and Experts, Retailers and Consumers Agree the Screamin' Serpent Roller Coaster from K'NEX is #1

         Business Editors

         HATFIELD, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 2003--K'NEX Industries

         SCREAMIN' SERPENT Continues to Be A Screaming
         Success Named 2002 Activity Toy of the Year

         On February 15, the eve of the 100th annual American International Toy Fair, The Toy Industry Association (TIA) announced its coveted T.O.T.Y. (Toy of the Year) Awards.

        For inspiring creative play through various forms of activity, the SCREAMIN' SERPENT Roller Coaster from K'NEX was honored as the 2002 Activity Toy of the Year!

        Still riding high on the T.O.T.Y Award announcement, K'NEX received yet another accolade, this time from the retailer side. Toys 'R' Us presented K'NEX with its 2002 Vendor of the Year Award.

         These industry honors come on the heels of K'NEX's announcement that the SREAMIN' SERPENT Roller Coaster was the #1 toy in the construction category for 2002, according to the NPD Group's year-end TRSTS Report. This is the second consecutive year that this award winning K'NEX building set has achieved top sales within this segment of the toy industry.

        The SCREAMIN' SERPENT won the hearts of consumers everywhere with it's impressive build, lifelike sound and motion and it's ability to bring families together for the fun and excitement of building the world's smallest working roller coaster in the comfort of their homes. Chris Campbell, VP of K'NEX Worldwide Marketing says, "The Screamin' Serpent is fun to build, a blast to watch and reminds us of the stomach churning thrills we've all experienced on amusement park roller coasters. It is a real icon within the building set category."  ...

         ... Founded in 1992, K'NEX Industries was established to make and sell what has become one of the world's leading construction systems for children. K'NEX is also the U.S. licensee for the well-known and loved Lincoln Log Brand. Winner of over 150 international awards and recognitions, K'NEX seeks to build young minds with its exciting product line and critically acclaimed K'NEX Education program. ...

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