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MD Coaster Guy's Page The MD Coaster Guy's Roller Coaster Page - My homepage!

Disneyland Paris Photos My Disneyland Paris photos, from a visit in March 2002.

KNEX Screamin' Serpent KNEX Screamin'Serpent Roller Coaster Information! - SORRY, NO MORE FOR SALE!

Featured Web Links!

rec.roller-coaster The usenet newsgroup dedicated to...yep you guessed it...roller coasters!

ACE Home Page ACE Home Page - The Web site for ACE, the American Coaster Enthusiasts!

MACC Home Page MACC Home Page - The Web site for MACC, the Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club!

COASTER ZOMBIES! Home Page COASTER ZOMBIES! Home Page - The newest and most exciting rollercoaster club. COASTER ZOMBIES live to ride! Join COASTER ZOMBIES CLUB TODAY. Who are the Coaster Zombies? We're a small group of people who enjoy coasters so much we will go to great lengths to ride them.

ECC Web Page ECC Web Site - The Web site for ECC, the European Coaster Club. First Drop, The club's magazine is the BEST coaster publication available, worth the club dues!

roller coaster database
RCDB: Roller Coaster Database - RCDB is a wonderful database containing the most complete listing of roller coasters on the internet. You can sort on many keys, including parks, plus great photos are included as well!

RideWorld! RideWorld! - The latest greatest roller coaster site. Has wonderful features and the membership is well worth it! I personally like better than most other sites.

Thrillride! Thrillride! - HANG ON for this great site about the best thrill rides! Tons of great info on the best coaster and amusment park rides, plus the latest of the classic internet sites is now back.

Joyrides Joyrides - A superb collection of amusement ride photograhs. New photos are added regularly!

Ultimate Rollercoaster Ultimate Rollercoaster - A large first class rollercoaster web site! Includes a great news & rumors page as well as a picture gallery, rollercoaster yellow pages, links page and more.

Westcoaster Westcoaster- An informatative site dedicated to the amusment parks of Southern California. Good coverage of Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland.

CoasterBuzz COASTERBUZZ- A well executed rollercoaster web site featuring good web based forums! The site also features great news and features, a coaster listing page and don't forget to join the CoasterBuzz Club.

Coasterville Coasterville - Take the road to Coasterville, the only virtual coaster town on the web!

The Lift Hill Megasite The Lift Hill Megasite - A good rollercoaster web site with some unique features and good photos. Also contains about 10 pages dedicated to specific coasters!

Screamscape Screamscape- A News and Rumor site with the wildest rumors and the latest news!

Theme Park Review Theme Park Review - A nice site with great photos and park reviews. Some of the best coaster videos are for sale on this site.

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